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Chatham-Kent Dental Technology

Chatham-Kent Dental Technology

Chatham-Kent Dental Technology

Dental technology has come a long way. The digital revolution has resulted in powerful and exciting advances in how we diagnose and treat dental health issues. At Chatham-Kent Dental, we use several advanced digital imaging technologies to improve our service to our patients. Here are a few of the tools we use:

Intraoral Cameras

Digital technology has resulted in the development of extremely small, high resolution cameras. We use these cameras to take images and video of the inside of your mouth. This allows us to share images of your mouth and teeth with you, and it also helps in our diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

Digital technology has eliminated the use of chemical-based film in X-ray machines. New digital machines now take better quality images, using a fraction of the radiation of the older film machines. The advantages to you are lower exposure to X-ray radiation and extremely detailed images of your teeth, jaws, and gums that let us detect and treat decay and injury.

Panoramic X-rays

Like the panorama function on a smartphone or digital camera, panoramic X-rays take a “landscape” style photo of your entire mouth. This lets us see your whole mouth, jaws, and all your teeth in a single digital image. These images are vital for placing implants and for orthodontics.