Chatham-Kent Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

Chatham-Kent Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

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Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

A knocked-out tooth is no fun. Your teeth are vulnerable to injury in high impact sports such as hockey, football, or lacrosse, and a knocked out tooth is a real possibility.

The best protection for your teeth is a customized sports guard. Our guards are made from a special plastic that absorbs the force of impact, keeping your teeth safe. And because they are made to fit your teeth, our sports guards won’t get in the way of your game.

Bite Appliances and Grinding Teeth

Do you wake up with sore teeth and jaws? You may be clenching or grinding your teeth in your sleep. This is a condition known as bruxism and it can lead to injury to your teeth and jaws if left untreated.

A bite appliance can help prevent grinding. You put the appliance over your teeth before you go to bed and it prevents your jaws from moving while you are asleep. The appliance is customized for your mouth to fit comfortably so it doesn’t interfere with your rest.

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